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Special Education


Teaching in an Inclusion Classroom

Whether you are the special education teacher or general education teacher, working in an inclusion classroom requires some adjustment. In an inclusion setting, both teachers work cooperatively to teach students with disabilities and those without. The benefit of that environment is to integrate students with special needs into the least restrictive environment and provide the best opportunity for educational growth. These dos and don'ts will help you make your inclusion classroom a success....(more)

What is an Inclusion Classroom?

In years past, children of all academic and cognitive levels were taught together in one class. As educators and psychologists gained a better understanding of the brain and child development, schools began setting up special education classrooms for students with learning disabilities or other special needs. Child development experts are now advocating for a third option, however, inclusion classrooms. Here is what you need to know before you decide if an inclusion classroom is the right choice for your child....(more)

Getting the Most from the "e;Build a Friend"e; Exercise

Children in special education frequently benefit from inclusion when they are at school. This means that if it works for them they are educated alongside other children, not taught separately. For children with autistic spectrum disorders (ASDs) or other different educational needs this can be a challenge. Teaching them socialization skills in an inclusive environment helps them to make friends and feel comfortable with other children. The Build a Friend exercise is one of these techniques. This guide will tell you the facts about the exercise and how it can work for parents and caregivers....(more)

Teaching Strategies

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What to Include in a Special Education Binder

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Tips for Teaching in a Resource Room

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